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School Council

As an Independent Public School Mitchelton State School has both a School Council and a P and C Association. Both groups operate separately however both support the school.

Our elected members are School Council Meeting-
Michelle Hall (Chairperson), Katie McIntyre (Secretary) , Suzanne Clarke, Michelle Wilmot (P and C President), Kevin Fermin and the school principal Maria Berriman.  Each member has provided some bio information about themselves below.

The role of a school council is to:
• monitor the school’s strategic direction
• approve:
— plans and policies of the school of a strategic
— other documents affecting strategic matters including the annual estimate of revenue and expenditure for the school.
• monitor the implementation of the plans, policies and other documents mentioned above
• advise the school principal about strategic matters.
The council must perform its functions in a way that achieves the best learning outcomes for the school’s students.
Term of office
Each elected member, or appointed member, of a school council holds office for the term, not longer than two years, stated in the council’s constitution. However, if newly established, the council’s constitution may provide for half of the first elected members to hold office for a term of no longer than three years.
• The school council must meet at least twice in each semester.
• The school council’s chairperson must preside at all council meetings at which the chairperson is present.
• A question at a school council meeting, other than a question about an amendment of the council’s constitution, must be decided by a majority of the votes of the council members present.
Role of the P&C
• School councils will have the responsibility to approve the strategic documents that set the direction, culture and tone of the school. The P&C president will be on the school council to represent the views of the P&C Association.
• The Independent Public Schools initiative will not have any impact on the functions of P&Cs who are a vital part of the school and community partnerships at Mitchelton State School.
For more information about Independent public schools and School Councils please go to

Our School Council is made up of members of our school community, parents and staff of the School.

Maria Berriman - Maria Berriman is the proud Principal of Mitchelton State School and is excited by the opportunities that being an Independant Public School brings.  Our staff are focussed on explicit teaching and improving learning outcomes for each child while providing a nurturing and supportive environment.  I have a background in teaching in and leading schools in diverse geographic locations in our State, including far north and central Queensland and areas in and around Brisbane.

Katie McIntyre - Katie McIntyre was Head of Curriculum at Mitchelton State School for 5 years and is now a Principal Education Advisor for the Metropolitan Region.  Katie is passionate about education, curriculum and teaching.  With a background in curriculum, teaching and coaching, Katie supports the implementation of the Australian Curriculum and best teaching practice in all key learning areas so that students receive a powerfully experienced curriculum.  Mitchelton State School is focussed on improving student outcomes in all areas, particularly reading, numeracy and science in a supportive, engaging and joyful learning environment.

Suzanne Clarke - Suzanne Clarke is one of our Early Years teachers and has been teaching at Mitchelton State School for 7 years.  She is currently teaching Prep and is passionate about developing a love of learning in our youngest school members.  Suzanne has a strong commitment to developing relationships between the school, local early years centres and the broader community.

Michelle Hall - Michelle Hall is a proud parent of a student in the upper school, member of the school’s P and C and chair of the school’s council. She believes the school council will be able to support the principal, staff and students of Mitchelton State School progress their agenda of ongoing improvement and will cement our schools place as a leading school in the district. She is also an experienced senior special education teacher at a local high school and advocates strongly that all children have the opportunity to fulfil their potential.

Kevin Fermin - Kevin Fermin is a parent of two children attending the school.  He is currently studying social work fulltime at University.  His history consists of working as a Phlebotomist with QML in Australia, working as a EEN Nurse at a Hospital in the midlands and as a Client Support Worker at the Queen Elizabeth Foundation for disabled people in England. He initially served as Hotel Director of a Norwegian Cruise line, where he was one of the teams that was instrumental in the restructuring of the Cruise Line industry when they turned the old way of cruising to Freestyle Cruising in the year 2000. As a young boy he was intrigued with art of a special artists work, then he soon worked on his skills to became a prodigy of the artist and before graduating school I worked alongside Emmy award winner Peter Minshall from 1989 to 1997. He is passionate about helping people and assiting anyone to perfect their craft and dreams. His personal passion is collecting every possable knowledge of the world especially history as he was told as a young boy that "Knowlege is Power".